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Stewart and Indian Lakes ~ Jan 19, 2017

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Through rain and snow, sleet and hail, in the parking lot, seventeen intrepid Canes started into the woods when, what to their wondering eyes should appear, but a fish hatchery and the precipitation disappear. Energized by Linda's banana bread, we hiked through a hemlock grove to a deciduous forest, decorated with golden beech leaves and spikey nuts. Here we noticed a different kind of precipitation, as though a huge icemaker in the sky was sprinkling and bombarding us with melting tubular ice cubes. We soon realized that the tree branches were shedding their icy coats, just as we warming hikers were. The trail required our attention as well, being a narrow hard pack covered with a little frosty slush, sided with deep snow, so we all had an occasional surprise when we postholed. At 11:58, as we arrived at Stewart Lake, the sun came out and we decided it was lunch time. Some of us carved out snow seats while others stood and listened to Joanne's dog story. Since the trail conditions were somewhat demanding, we decided to head back, and possibly climb Kane Mountain. The woods sparkled and Lenore's chocolate cookies energized us, but the blue sky turned to gray and then shone white on our return.

Most folks headed home, but seven of us climbed Kane Mountain and were glad we did. We took the shorter steep east trail up, which was steep but did not seem short. The graceful fire tower rose out of the whiteness and rewarded a few with soft views of lakes below. Jim explored the cabin and was disappointed to report that it had been vandalized with graffiti and was in great disrepair. We headed down the north trail and were rewarded with an amazing family of erratics. This way is twice as long, but seemed almost as steep, and afforded a view of Otter Lake and a longer visit through a lovely woods. Thank you to Joanne, Gail, JoEllen, Margie, Susan, Dale, Katie, Karen, Barbara, and Jack; and especially to Bob, Lori, Claudia, Jim, Linda P., Shelly for accompanying me to the fire tower.      

1/20/17 - Lenore Reber added 19 photos.

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20 photos

Heading out of the hemlock grove - added by Lenore

Stream crossing in beech grove - added by Lenore

Erratic watch - added by Lenore

Icy tube-wear a hat! - added by Lenore

Icy coat - added by Lenore

Shades of gray and white - added by Lenore

Stewart Lake - added by Lenore

Noon - added by Lenore

Anyone missing after lunch? - added by Lenore

Frosty fungi - added by Lenore

Trail paved with icy tubes - added by Lenore

Old fish hatchery - added by Lenore

Bridge of snow - added by Lenore

Hobble bush in bud on the way up Kane Mountain - added by Lenore

Deep snow and luxuriant moss - added by Lenore

Tall fire tower for small mountain - added by Lenore

Lori and Claudia on their way - added by Lenore

Cookies at the tower for Jim, Shelly, Claudia, Lori, Linda, Bob and the photographer - added by Lenore

A friendly erratic bear - added by Lenore

One trail side area was littered with numerous beechnut hulls-a happy sight indeed! - added by Margie

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