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Pashley (Peshly) Falls Loop ~ Feb 4, 2016

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Today Indian Lake gave us the taste of winter we have been hoping for, including 4 inches of packed snow, a brief snow flurry, and peeks of sun on a mostly cloudy day. Rain on the previous day had not washed out the snow and our attire and microspikes were right for the thirty-five degree weather once we were out of the wind. We began with a side walk to an inlet on Adirondack Lake, noticing snowmobile tracks and slush. Then began the gentle ups and downs through mixed forest to the intersection with the 2.6 mile trail to Elm Island, a potential future event. The narrow trail led gradually down through a balsam and cedar woods to the aptly named Cedar River. We could hear the cataract and rapids long before arriving there for lunch. Arranging ourselves on well-placed rocks above the cataract, 18 of us plunged into... lunch. Unfortunately, Diane's lunch had disappeared, so she snacked on offerings from friends, including Lindt Chocolate truffles and spice cookies which were passed to the whole group. Aha! Kurt had not taken Diane's lunch, it was just hidden behind her! Now she has dinner all prepared. We continued hiking along the river, noting the large patches of yellowish ice frozen to the river bed, called anchor ice, and the river water flowing over floating ice along the shore. Then many moose tracks caught our attention. Too soon we came to the snowmobile trail which led back to the parking lot. Some of us took the burden of stopping at Stewarts, while others headed home to other delights.
Thanks to Peter and Linda, Peter and Donna, Barbara, Don, Margie, Lynn, Fran, Bob, Susan, Linda P, Candy, Diane, Katy, Mike, and Pat for joining us.

2/14/16 - Wanderer . added 7 photos.

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After a brief stop at the shore of Adirondack Lake, we're ready to hike to the falls

Happy winter hikers

Who's been gnawing on this tree, Peter?

Nature's art

Where's Peter Wood?

White cedar tree


Lunch with a falls view

Lost and found

Imagine moving water

anchor ice

Jack calling a moose

Moose track as big as Lenore's hand

Last view of Cedar River

Close-up of gnawings - most likely a porcupine - added by Wanderer

Partial view of the falls from downstream - added by Wanderer

Cedar River downstream from falls - added by Wanderer

Pashley Falls - another view - added by Wanderer

Looking upstream form falls - added by Wanderer

Cedar River trailside - added by Wanderer

Waiting for a moose to show up - added by Wanderer

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