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Bullhead Pond ~ Jan 15, 2015

Journal entry by Lenore Reber

Ten degree weather doesn't stop the Canes, so today twelve of us snowshoed or microspiked to Bullhead Pond. The woods were lovely, the sun pouring between the tree trunks and shining on distant snow-covered boulders. We investigated a beaver lodge, which appeared to be abandoned and used as a slide by otters. Lunch on a log was enjoyed by all, soaking up the rays with not a breath of wind. When returning to the parking lot, we crossed the road and walked to the raft launch site just below the dam at the end of Lake Abanakee. We strolled along the high ground above the Indian River, watching the swirling water and ice formations below. Thank you to Sam, Jim, Margie, Joanne, Tom, Peter and Donna, Lynn, Barbara, and Don for Joining Jack and I on the flawless day.

15 photos

Bullhead Pond Trailhead

Beaver lodge and otter tracks

Tom and the groups' greeting to the Westcotts.

Photo by Lenore

Lunch on a log


Walking on Bullhead Pond

Cracked erratic

Deer head

Along Indian River

Raft launch site

Enjoying the river view

Ice aprons

No rafts today

Photo by Lenore

Viewing 4 of 77 - 2015


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