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Ben Wood Mountain ~ Jan 28, 2016

Journal entry by Donna and Peter Wood

Most winters we worry about cold temperatures, storms, and wind chill, but this year has been an exception. Today was just perfect, with temperatures in the high 30's and an abundance of sunshine and blue sky. With such good conditions, 30 crooked caners headed for Ben Wood Mountain in Pack Forest. Microspikes were the equipment for the day and we walked on a coating of soft snow. Always on the look out for wildlife, we noted many deer runs. Some of our experts with the help of Joanne's book of tracks, identified the tracks of a porcupine. It looked like our wildlife authority, Nancy, was trying to track him, but that didn't work. After reaching the top of Ben Wood, we were treated to a warm sun and views of Hickory Hill ski area, Pack Forest Lake, and Deadwood Pond. It was a lovely spot for a leisurely lunch and good conversation. Our return trip took us on a trail that Pete has laid out through a mostly pine forest and follows a brook. There were some interesting ice formations on the brook and the sun was casting some beautiful shadows in the sky. The Pack Forest property is managed partly by Syracuse University ESF school. We did note that they have marked many trees with blue slashes, so I would anticipated that there will be some logging in the near future. As we came down along the shoulder of Tripp Mountain there were excellent views of Gore and Crane Mountain. After a delightful day of exercise and fresh air, we returned to the Wood's house. Hot cider, hot chocolate and a magical assortment of goodies, which just seemed to keep coming, were next on the agenda. Thank you all for a great day. The "crooked canes" are the best. Attendees: Jim R., Peter and Linda, Candi, Nancy, Lenore and Jack, Jan and Jim, Ed, Don, Linda, Leon and Karen, Katie, Rich, Gail, Bob, Diane, Denis, Shelly, Joy, Ray, Bonnie, Margie, Jo-Ellen, Tom, Joanne, Pete and Donna

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Group photo

Pack Forest Laake - added by Donna

Hickory Hill ski area in Warrensburg - added by Donna

Joanne,Katie, and Nancy enjoying the day. - added by Donna

A perfect lunch spot. - added by Donna

Porcupine tracks - added by Donna

Lenore, Jack and Peter enjoying their walk. - added by Donna

beautiful brook. - added by Donna

Pete discussing the area. - added by Donna

Sometimes it's handy to have a bridge. - added by Donna

View of Gore Mountain trails. - added by Donna

Time for the goodies. - added by Donna

Don, Joanne, and Shelly relaxing. - added by Donna

Linda and Jan - another good day. - added by Donna

An Ice Sculpture by Mother Nature - added by RayB

Time to re-group - Pete, Jan & Jim and the rest of the group - added by Wanderer

Linda performing emergency repairs to Jo-Ellen's Microspikes - backups Candi, Nancy and Karen on stand-by - added by Wanderer

Lunch at the overlook - added by Wanderer

Almost everyone - added by Wanderer

Southerly view from overlook - added by Wanderer

Beginning to pack up - added by Wanderer

Ray asking - "Where is everyone?" - added by Wanderer

Ice sculpture on a trailside stream - added by Wanderer

Hikers jam at the bridge - added by Wanderer

Jack skipping across - added by Wanderer

Pete's in the lead - added by Wanderer

Guardians of Lenore - her ice pack hidden beneath her cap - added by Wanderer

Lenore showing the proper technique to guarantee a fall when hiking! - added by Wanderer

Let the festivities begin - added by Wanderer

Everyone looking comfy - added by Wanderer

Visiting with the hosts - added by Wanderer

Don looks on as Joanne attempts to recall the hand movements and lyrics to "Itsy Bitsy Spider" - added by Wanderer

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