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Inman Pond hike/snowshoe ~ Jan 10, 2015

Journal entry by Don McMahon

On Thursday, the original scheduled date of the hike the temperature at my house was 10 deg below zero when I got up and managed to get to 0 degrees at 11 o'clock. Not a good day for a hike.

Saturday was a much better day, blue skies at WCMC and 15 degrees above zero with a gentle breeze cold to be sure but not death defying! We arrived at the trail head and got underway about 10:30 a few of us on microspikes and the rest trying hard to wear in their snowshoes to look like veterans. Following the usual, non-marked, but well used herd path, we walked a ways uphill to a logging road, the real trail, and then mostly horizontally to the marsh or eastern end of Inman Pond. Following the footsteps of others, we entered onto the marsh at the first viewpoint and walked the ice to below the rock outlook at the western end - a nice difference to be where you can't be most of the year and enjoy slightly different views. Then, not sufficiently challenged, we followed a rising footpath from the lake up to the viewpoint on top of the rock nice enough to mark as a trail except who wants to start from the pond the rest of the year! There were animal prints all over but the most interesting were at the edge of the trees on top of the rock. Lenore identified them as bird prints with the nearby fluted fan depressions caused by wing feathers . Departing from tradition, where we go down northwest from the top and cross a stream to get to the north side of the pond, we retraced our trail back to the pond and walked the ice to the north side where we had lunch out of the breeze and in the sun. We returned using the marked trail all the way, arriving back at the cars at 1 pm. By then the clouds were rolling in so we enjoyed the best part of the day good to be out after hibernating for many days!

1/11/15 - Wanderer . added 14 photos.

14 photos

Lenore leading the group - added by Wanderer

Perspective - group beneath the overlook - added by Wanderer

Happy Hikers - added by Wanderer

Inman Pond - added by Wanderer

Debbie and Denis inspecting the base of the overlook - added by Wanderer

"Bird Snow Angel" - added by Wanderer

Untrodden summit with Inman Pond below - added by Wanderer

Group on the overlook - added by Wanderer

Steep section (sort of) - added by Wanderer

Exploring the NW section of Inman Pond - added by Wanderer

View of the overlook - added by Wanderer

"Kodak Moment" - Margie sliding into the abyss - picture first, saving life follows! - added by Wanderer

View towards the outlet of Inman Pond - added by Wanderer

Trek out - added by Wanderer

Inman Pond attendees:
Lenore & Jack, Karen Burka, Liz, Margie, Debbie, Denis, Linda & Peter and Don

Thanks for the wonderful hike Don - certainly a break from tradition rescheduling it on a Saturday but much better than canceling - Peter

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