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Fifth Peak ~ Jan 21, 2016

Journal entry by Karen Burka

What a day! Sixteen CC's joined me for a hike to Fifth Peak in the Tongue Mountain Range on Lake George. Despite the uncooperative winter weather, the trail was in fairly good condition. (Microspikes are a wonderful invention!) I didn't remember the very-well constructed long beaver dam at the first bridge area being there last year. We stopped at the not-so-cascading stream and waterfalls which were mostly frozen, but still very pretty. We climbed and climbed--"Yes, we WILL get to some flatter sections of trail!" There are so many beautiful rock ledges along this trail sitting in thick hemlock forests. We passed the intersection with a trail that heads out to Five-Mile Mountain and Deer Leap on the northern end of the range and in awhile we came to the intersection with a trail that heads out to French Mountain and ultimately Montcalm Point on the southern end of the range. A little more of a climb brought us to the summit and lean-to. What a treat--bright, warm sunshine and a clear blue sky! There were great views of the mountains on the eastern shore of Lake George (could see the Black Mountain Fire Tower very clearly), as well as French, Gore, Crane and Cat Mountains. You could really see for miles--so many mountain tops and ridges. Because of the warmth of the sun, there didn't seem to be any need to "eat & run." Everyone seemed to enjoy a nice leisurely lunch. We finally did start the return trip and (I'm happy to report) all the people who started the hike finished the hike! It was nice to spend the day with Jim & Jan, Ed, Linda, Jim, Denis, Barbara, Margie, Gail, Diane, Joanne, Rich, Craig, Shelly, Joy and Jo-Ellen. Thank you to all!

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This was a good problem--the SUN was in everyone's eyes!


Gore Ski Area

Northwest Bay from Fifth Peak Summit

"Ed, I promise--I do know the way back!"

Lunchtime and some mountains on the eastern shore of Lake George.

I thought we'd all be huddled in the lean-to for lunch to stay warm. Wrong! (I think I see some snow bunnies in this photo!)

The stream was flowing freely as couple weeks ago.

Some of the many rock ledges.

Barbara, Diane, Margie and Gail soaking up some rays - added by Joanne

Joy and Karen -"cheers"! - added by Joanne

Jim - "cheers" right back at ya! - added by Joanne

Jan in downhill ski mode with Gore in the background - added by Joanne

Dennis "peaking" out from the lean-to - added by Joanne

Karen and Rich - added by Joanne

Jim and Jo-Ellen - added by Joanne

One of the many ice falls - added by joy

The trail was often very icy; this is one of the sets of "steps" we had to navigate - added by joy

I had to zoom to get this, but this was a double frozen waterfall off in the woods, total height about 30-40 feet - added by joy

Karen and Ed at the summit. - added by joy

At times we were in cool shade.. - added by joy

But often it was sunny... - added by joy

Photo added by joy

It was a beautiful day. Thanks Karen! - added by joy

Caners Jo Ellen and Karen looking most fashionable. - added by Margie

With his back to the sun and the ice-free Lake George, Rich packs up after a delightful sunny, calm lunch break. - added by Margie

Icicles adorn the trailside stream. - added by Margie

Nature's creation - added by Margie

Reflections of a marvelous day at Fifth Peak. - added by Margie

Leader Karen closes out another wonderful outing. - added by Margie

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