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New Year's Day Snowshoe On Hackensack ~ Jan 1, 2017

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

Repeating last year's New Year's Day outing on Hackensack Mountain on the outskirts of Greater Metro Warrensburg turned out to be a pretty good idea and unlike last year, this time we had a snowshoe instead of a summer stroll! A short while after leaving the Price Chopper parking lot and spotting cars at the Hackensack Avenue trail head, all the while giving the town a feeling that the Keystone Kops had landed, twenty three Canes arrived at the Warrensburg High School ready to go and all keen on getting the dust off of their long unused snowshoes. That is, except for two recalcitrants, Claire and Scott who insisted on spikes and to whom I promised I would not mention any names so I'll take care not do that.

Crossing the athletic field between the parking lot and trail, there was plenty of snow enabling the snowshoe contingent to know they had the right idea, but once in the woods, the choice of foot gear was a bit of a toss up. Nobody stopped to change into spikes and the rest of the day followed similarly with areas of more snow and areas with less. On our way along lower sections of the trail, around a lovely pond and on up toward the summit of Hackensack we found where all of the deer in Warren County were hanging out. LOTS of tracks, beds and ground scuffed by the deer searching for buried acorns.

Arriving at the top, we found the views hadn't changed a whole lot since last year and it was clear enough for good viewing in all directions. The wind was still blowing pretty good out of the west as it was last year, forcing our stop near the flag poles on the southern end of the ridge to be short and followed by a rapid retreat back into the woods for our first lunch-on-the-trail of the year. As last year, folks brought plenty of goodies to share and there was not much left to haul back down the hill, at least not still in packages. Someone underestimated possible attendance and was exactly five picture perfect cookies short, something to be remembered and certainly not forgiven. Unless more cookies turn up......soon.

After a very fine lunch with more treats than usual it was time for Jack, our professional photographer du jour, to compose a group portrait and then we were off toward the cars spotted earlier in the day on Hackensack Avenue.

A very fine, fun day! Still fun, I chuckle as I am about to name the folks attending our fine outing and am reminded of Maestro Valla singing Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere" in which even Hackensack is mentioned, though there may be a remote possibility he was referring to a town and not this mountain! So, without further ado, thanks for a special day to Kurt, Linda, Claire, Scott, Pat, Joanne, Gail, Lenore, Judy, Cathy, Jo Ellen, Donna, Jonathan, Lori, Barbara, Jack, Peter, Claudia, Linda, Jack, Ed and Peter and phew, time to take a breath.......

1/4/17 - Wanderer . added 11 photos.

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Here we are, ready to go! Peter's behind the camera so if you look at this from behind the picture, you'll see him.

These two prospects wanted to come along but considering their obvious revelry the evening before, it was suggested they take a nap. Good thing they took our advice or somebody would have been seven cookies short, not just five!

This tattered flag, with Hickory Hill in the background, shows how light the breeze was.

Lenore and Jack enjoying the day.

On our way to the summit, we could tell Peter was up to something by the continuous crunching noises we all heard. His (in usual fashion) eating all the shells on the way up made it a lot easier for the rest of us to eat these shrimp. Note the "I'm-ready-to-attack!"expression on Claudia's face in the background and Lori's sudden recognition of a scent she craves on the breeze. We all hope Peter's pack weighs a hundred pounds at the trail head next year! Thank you Peter!

The sun is shining with lots of our shadows on the beaver dam - our group crossing the boardwalk just below the beaver pond - added by Wanderer

Looking across the beaver pond at their lodge - added by Wanderer

A rest stop on the way up - now that is quite the group! - added by Wanderer

Joanne, recently back from one of her exotic adventures, leading the way - with JoEllen, another world traveler, right behind her - added by Wanderer

View of The Three Sisters Mts - a few miles SW of the Hamlet of Warrensburg. L to R - Pine Mt with the Hickory Hill Ski slope, Bald Mt and Middle Mt. Hadley Mt can be seen on the horizon - just off the shoulder of Middle Mt. - 13 miles away as the crow flies - added by Wanderer

Crane Mt - added by Wanderer

Hadley Mt with its fire tower (zoomed pic) - added by Wanderer

Lunch of course - added by Wanderer

Lunch - just another view - added by Wanderer

Shuttle cars wait below - a long way down - not quite as far when using a zoom lens - added by Wanderer

Headed down one of the steep (and icy) sections - added by Wanderer

Photo added by Jack

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