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Spectacle and Gull Ponds Hikes ~ Jan 7, 2016

Journal entry by Wanderer

January 7th and we are still hiking! Sure, last week I wore snowshoes in an attempt to flatten a path for those that followed and even today we had one person wear them on the way in to Spectacle Pond but Microspikes were all that were needed - so we still haven't had an official snowshoe or ski this season. I am not one who likes large numbers of people on outings - they are more difficult to keep track of and are usually a logistical nightmare. However, this outing proved to be quite different despite having a total of 30 participants - a quite pleasant hike if I do say so! The weather was perfect with bright sun, a temp of around 20 when we started and the trail had about 3" of well packed snow - just enough to hide the rocks and roots but provide firm footing for the spikes. The start of a hike with this many people is always a problem with some people getting ready sooner than others and this hike was no different. When a request was made "let's get going, we're getting cold" the signal to go for it was made and they were off - not to be seen by the five or six sweeps until we all regrouped at the end of the trail for lunch. The trail to Spectacle Pond follows the brook with the same name - its route crosses it on nice bridges several times in the 1.3 miles to the pond's outlet and then another .5 miles between the two parts of the pond to a large opening on the shore - the customary lunch spot - with views of Pharaoh Mountain and its cliffs. Knowing it would be very difficult to have the main group get off track allowed the followers to enjoy a more leisurely hike and take in wonderful views along the way - not great distances of faraway mountains but those of the more intimate type. Apparently much of the brook's surface had frozen while it was at a high level, swollen by recent rains. The water eventually dropped, allowing unique ice formations to form on the underneath parts of the elevated ice shelf from the splashing of the cascading water beneath - like upside down mushrooms or stalactites. Our timing couldn't have been more perfect with the bright sun glistening on the frozen cascades as if intentionally drawing attention to one section then another. Shadows from the trees crisscrossed the brook and its shores for what could only be called stunning views, accented by the sounds of the cascading water. I had hiked this trail many times but none ever prettier. We finally reached the lead group, waiting for the OK to have lunch and to find their perfect spots. Some were lucky enough to find chair height horizontal trees, some found rocks and still others settled for sitting directly on the snow. There was even a small group that ventured to the far side of the pond to sit in the sun. Life was good! Lunch was long but eventually there was movement to head back to the cars and on to Gull Pond. The hike out seemed quicker - the sun was higher and there was a hurried sense - not like the leisurely trip in, but still beautiful. Gull Pond is a short hike and its trailhead located only 1 mile from the Spectacle Pond trailhead. Some people had commitments and either went ahead to visit the pond on their own or headed back home; regardless, we still managed to have 25 of the original group on the hike to Gull Pond. The majority elected not to bring a pack but stuck with their hiking staffs even though the trail is nearly flat. The woods are more open along the trail to Gull Pond than they were going into Spectacle Pond but still had a sense of remoteness. There was no brook to entertain us, only the voices and laughter of the group - a good sign. It took only twenty minutes and we were at the large rock outcrop above the pond with a wonderful view of the pond itself and the vertical rock cliffs on the other side. You can bushwhack to above the rock cliffs for a better view of the pond but not today - two hikes is all that we can handle in one day. Hope everyone had a good time! Peter 1/18/16 - Ray Henrikson added 2 photos. 1/18/16 - Margie Litwin added 4 photos. 1/20/16 - RayB Bouchard added 8 photos. 1/25/16 - Wanderer . added 18 photos.

31 photos

The Mob - added by Ray

Three Hikers at Gull Pond - added by Ray

Layered ice shelves with glassy icicle droplets. - added by Margie

Tom takes the lead with Don following, thankful for microspikes on this snowy bridge. - added by Margie

Lynn with peaceful Gull Pond and the rocky cliffs beyond. - added by Margie

When flowers are nowhere in sight this tree fungus adorns the woodsy scene. - added by Margie

Peter, our leader, crossing Spectacle Brook - added by RayB

The first of 4 scenes along Spectacle Brook. - added by RayB

Photo added by RayB

Photo added by RayB

Photo added by RayB

A touch of green. - added by RayB

A scene on the far side of Gull Pond. - added by RayB

Prep time at the trailhead - added by Wanderer

Frozen cascades on Spectacle Brook - added by Wanderer

Stalactites of ice - added by Wanderer

Cascade of snow and ice - added by Wanderer

Hi Susan! - added by Wanderer

Yet another victim of the dreaded trail marker - added by Wanderer

Views along the trail were not only of the stream - added by Wanderer

Pharaoh Mt and its cliffs across Spectacle Pond - added by Wanderer

Pharaoh Mt and Spectacle Pond from our lunch spot - added by Wanderer

Jim, Fran & Leon in the bright sunlight - added by Wanderer

Joanne, Fran, Gail & Bob - added by Wanderer

Jack, Lenore & Peter - added by Wanderer

Packing up after lunch - Peter, Karen & Donna waiting - added by Wanderer

Being careful - Shelly, Larry, Barbara & Jack - added by Wanderer

Gull Pond and the cliffs below the overlook - added by Wanderer

The "Mob" at Gull Pond - including Ray H - added by Wanderer

Happy face - added by Wanderer

Replica of Stonehenge of ice on Gull Pond - this image was taken back on 1-18-2010 on a CC hike before the journal. Attendees were - Don, Sam, myself and Marcia Bryan (in picture). She was the only one with a camera - a point and shoot film camera - Don scanned the picture for this journal entry. - added by Wanderer

Attendees: Rich Z, Craig Emblidge (newcomer), Sam, Ed, Donna & Peter, Tom, Margie, Lynn, Fran, Joanne, Gail, Barbara D, Lenore & Jack, Denis, Karen & Leon, Larry & Shelly, Don, Ray H, Ray Bouchard, Jim, Linda P, Susan Roberts, Bob Armao (newcomer), Barbara B, Karen Burka, Peter F

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