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CIA Walkway Over the Hudson ~ Sep 22, 2011

Journal entry by Lenore and Jack Reber

Everyone showed up on time or early at our four meeting places. We caravanned smoothly to the CIA under cloudy skies. Donna and Peter did an excellent job of organizing our lunch. We were disappointed that Donna was unable to come after all her hard work. Lunch was fabulous and most of our group of 21 ate too much.

Our caravan to the Walkway parking lot was perfect, until we parked and the rain began. As we walked across the bridge, the rain and wind soaked many of us. When we arrived at the end of the bridge, the rain stopped and we continued our walk to the Mid-Hudson Bridge, where we were able to see views of the Hudson, cloudy mountains, and Poughkeepsie. We listened to some bridge music, then headed for downtown Poughkeepsie. Our clothes dried on the walk and we stopped at the Journal building and post office, both attractive stone buildings with historic murals.

The weather became warm and humid as we finished our walk to the parking lot. Everyone was delighted with the day and we began our separate journeys home about 4:30.

Jack and Lenore

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Hungry and Dry

Dining at the CIA

Viewing 13 of 21 - 2011


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