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Marcy Dam (NOT!) ~ Nov 20, 2015

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

In spite of changing weather forecasts and changing trip plans, our trip to Marcy Dam worked out very nicely for the four of us who made the trip. The drive was spectacular with streams swollen from rain the previous evening and water falls doing what we hoped they would, showing off for us in grand style. We arrived at the Adirondack Loj about 10.30 where the weather was mostly sunny, the wind light and the temperature was in the high 30's - a little over 10 degrees cooler than when we left WCMC an hour and a half earlier and the parking lot nearly empty. Cool in the shade but warm - almost too warm - in the sun. On our very casual stroll to Marcy Dam (Not!), we met hikers starting multi day trips in the High Peaks and enjoyed viewing Marcy Brook. At the dam, we poked around both sides of the ex-lake, exploring lean-tos, enjoying Linda and Peter's first crossing of Marcy Brook on the new bridge below the dam and acting like the Three Bears in our lunch time lean-to selection: "This one's too cold!" "This one's too windy!" "This one's yucky!" Finally, we found "This one's just right!" and settled in for lunch while watching Peter feed the birds.

After quite a spell of no birds showing up for Peter's goodies, he finally coaxed a Big Bird out of the trees. Our equally casual stroll back to the Loj was punctuated by meeting more hikers and Peter finding opportunities to feed a couple more birds. The birds were not chickadees as he had hoped but were four legged birds, the first named Foxy from Wilton who ran faster than birds fly and later, a black lab (sort of) who was moving pretty slow after hiking Wright Peak but still able to eat just fine.

Back at the parking lot, we shed gear, added a layer of clothing and embarked on the trail around Heart Lake. The views were great in the diminishing light and in addition to mountain, water and setting sun views, a partridge gave us a good show in the woods for a few minutes. Arriving at the Loj, a place most of us had not seen before, we were treated to what we thought would be the last interesting sights of the day as we explored the Loj and grounds. "Wow! Really, really nice! We'll be back and stay a night or ten!" The exciting sights were not yet over. As we headed from the Loj to the car, we spied a snowshoe hare - Linda's first - and enjoyed a number of furtive appearances amid the spruces. It had turned mostly white with just traces of brown remaining on its back.

We headed out a little after 4.00 when there was still enough fading daylight for us to enjoy the sights on our way back to the Big Road and head south toward home. Another really fun, casual day in the best company one could have!

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Peter, Linda, Diane and Kurt at the register, ready and rarin' to go!

A pretty walk in the woods. Today, nobody fell down this hill, but "someone" has done it before - in bell ringing style!

Pausing at Marcy Brook.

Marcy Brook

Linda, Peter and Diane on the new Marcy Brook bridge just below what is left of the dam.

Note the HUGE smile on Mr. Grimace, giddy with excitement!

...and this lean-to is Just Right!

Peter finally attracts a Big Bird to feed!

All that is left of Marcy Dam.

The remains of the dam, viewed from the new bridge.

Having given up on attracting anymore feathered friends, Peter feeds a four legged acquaintance.

The ski slope adjacent to Heart Lake.

Late afternoon view of Heart Lake.

And another.

A final "Hurrah," sun lit clouds reflecting from Diane's rear window.

Diane and Linda on the Crooked Boardwalk - added by Wanderer

Kurt walking into the sunlight - added by Wanderer

New bridge - added by Wanderer

We told Kurt that he should have taken the bridge - added by Wanderer

Upstream from the old dam - added by Wanderer

Silly girls! - added by Wanderer

Close-up of the old dam - added by Wanderer

First you go down .... then you go up! - added by Wanderer

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