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Haystack Mountain Hike ~ Oct 27, 2017

Journal entry by Diane Wisell

Sometimes things are REALLY worth waiting for. That Thursday’s planned outing to Haystack in Pawlet, VT moved to Friday REALLY made it one of those things. The day dawned with thirteen lucky Crooked Canes on its mind, providing perfect weather for a nice ride and a nice hike. The eager participants included two, who in keeping up Halloween tradition arrived at CTL looking really good until they took off their Halloween masks. Or maybe they put them on; we're really not sure which it was!

From VT Route 30, the steep sides of Haystack are very visible and surely had a couple of first timers wondering if they'd gotten themselves into something that was not going to be very nice. Haystack always reminds me of the day we went to Noonmark and the "Uh-Oh!" moment when I learned the foreboding crag ahead of us was where we were headed. But like Noonmark, Haystack has a kinder, gentler side perfect for a hiking trail. At the trail head we were greeted by two herds of cows, one cow with a bell and as we made our way along the lane on the first quarter mile of our hike, they were all conversing with one another, positively commenting on the sharpest looking bunch of young hikers they had seen all year.

Leaving the idyllic one lane leaf covered road, the Haystack trail provided a most satisfying forest-in-autumn experience with the sights, sounds and smells of a perfect fall day including our discovery of really big, most artfully constructed White Face (aka Bald Face) hornet nest adjacent to the trail. Dumb and Dumber (aka Kurt and Peter) instinctively HAD to mess around with it. The appearance of a handful, literally, of guards was enough to successfully defend the nest.

The pleasure our arrival at the summit a short while later and the 360 degree view was accented by just a bit of white visible on the tops of the taller, relatively close, Green Mountains. A very long leisurely lunch ensued, as did entertaining conversation with none of us feeling inclined to do anything more than enjoy the terrific day and bucolic views from our perch. It was probably similar to how the hornets were feeling before 'somebody' disturbed their morning. As happens on a sunny, still, autumn afternoon a bit of lethargy swept over the peak along with a healthy dose of “I don't want this afternoon to end.”

All too soon we heard the bell again and cows chatting up our sprightly gait as we passed, ending our hike which as Margie eloquently summed up as "a wonderful day to be out with good friends."

11/5/17 - Barbara Zuccaro added 4 photos. 11/6/17 - Wanderer . added 3 photos.

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The Welcoming Committee

The bell on this one added a lot to the ambiance.

Here we all are! L to R, Barbara, Fran, Diane, Margie, Gail, Linda, Bob, Katie, Sandy, Kirk, Rich, Peter and behind the camera, Kurt.

A new bridge! A good vantage point from which the Canes are already anticipating a re-play of the airplane fly-by from 2014.

Dumb and Dumber Find A Hive, E I E I O! It being Halloween, they of course thought this was a pinata.

Fran finds a pre-toasted marshmallow, right there in the trail!

A view to the east from the top of Haystack.

Kirk, perched at the highest point on the mountain. Gail in the foreground.

The caption I originally thought of was a play on "If wishes were horses" but this page being public, I'd better just say Sandy comments that, "Hey, look, we all have the same boots!"

It may be late in the Fall but we still had some beautiful colors! - added by Barbara

Enjoying our time on top of Haystack! - added by Barbara

Diane and Linda found a great lunch spot. - added by Barbara

Vermont pastures - added by Barbara

Our destination - Haystack Mt. - added by Wanderer

The official name of the area we hiked in and the trail's name. - added by Wanderer

Loaded with pine cones this year - added by Wanderer

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