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French Mt Hike ~ Nov 9, 2012

Journal entry by Don McMahon

As usual it started out cold and the question was how much clothes to take. However it was a good day to get out into the woods - lots of sun - no breeze - and soon everyone stopped to take off outer layers - a steep trail so easy to warm up. We were 9 strong - a very good show for an impromptu hike, although Tom counted 10 and was always asking if everyone was present. The view from the cliffs was splendid with an un-named ridge line opposite us and Darling lying Mtn beyond (the other side of Butler Pond) and Potash Mtn slightly to the north in the distance. In fact we could see Lake George to the north, the WCMC parking lot to the south and a distant snow topped mountain on the horizon to the north. After a leasurely lunch we began the return trek, down the steep trail covered with leaves that made walking very insecure and difficult. However all made it out in fine shape. The tenth person sat in the "empty" rear left corner of Tom's car on the way back!

11/10/12 - Jack Reber added 2 photos.

11/11/12 - Ken Gericke added 4 photos.

6 photos

A wonderful day for lunch outdoors. - by Jack

Where are the cars? WCMC from the lunch spot. - by Jack

Sunny skies...short break on a fairly steep trail up French Mtn beginning on the Warren Co Bike Trail. - by Ken

Rock art...looks like waves crashing on shore. - by Ken

Boy! We're really getting good at posing! Wonderful day with a great group....Jack, Tom, Diane, Don, Lenore, Peter, Ken, and Joanne, picture by Donna Wood. - by Ken

On the trail...5 of our group of 9 hikers...Joanne, Don, Jack, Diane, and Tom. Or, as Tom would say, '1/2 of us!' - by Ken

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