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OK Slip Falls ~ Oct 24, 2013

Journal entry by Peter for Don

It isn’t often that a replacement outing generates more interest than the originally scheduled one, but the hike to OK Slip Falls showed just that. With the weather predictions for Wednesday calling for a snow/rain mix and below freezing temperatures for the Crane Mt area and Diane and Kurt unable to lead, it was decided to look for a replacement hike – Crane can be treacherous with ice. Don came through and volunteered to lead a hike to OK Slip Falls.

Access to OK Slip Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in the Adirondacks, was only recently made available as a result of a purchase, by NYS from the Nature Conservancy, of lands previously owed by Finch, Pruyn Paper Co. There is still no “officially sanctioned” trail to the falls but thanks to a recent scout trip by Kurt and Don we were all set. After a brief shuttle of drivers to a safe parking area our group of twenty were off on a new adventure – the first official visit to OK Slip Falls by the Canes.

The first two miles of our route was along an established gravel road which provided for a quick pace and loads of visiting time. It was surrounded by beautiful woods with some pretty marsh areas – trees were void of the leaves that were so picturesque just a couple of weeks ago. A small sign near the road, led us to a side trail, an overgrown logging road that afforded us the most direct route to the overlooks that would provide us with a grand view of the falls and super lunch spots. Although there hasn’t been a lot of wet weather recently, the falls provided the “wow” factor that everyone expected. While the group settled down for lunch, Peter wandered off and eventually made it to the top of the falls, across the gorge. Everyone could hear his “you who” call but Linda told the group to just ignore him and maybe he would stop and think the group had already started back. No such luck – he found his way back and reported that the view was really nice but the perch at the top was not a safe place for more than one person at a time and that we most likely didn’t have time to visit it today. Besides, this day was meant to be an introduction to the falls – the exploration and visit to the top and bottom of the falls would have to wait – perhaps a visit next spring.

With lunch ended, we started back – apparently the falls impressed everyone and some could be heard making plans to return with other friends or significant others to share the experience. We lucked out today – a great hike with a super group of people and Mother Nature cooperated with a dry, albeit cool day.


10/27/13 - Ray Bouchard added 2 photos.

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Our view of OK Slip Falls as it cascaded approximately 250' to the rock pile at the base. - added by Ray

Zooming in on the falls gives the illusion that you are much closer than you really are. It's times like this that I wish I had the wings of a bird. - added by Ray

The sign might read "OK Don't Slip Falls" as Peter perches near the edge of the cliff to capture a good shot. - added by Margie

The extensive, lush growth of trailing arbutus on both banks of the path, coupled with the prospect of a roaring falls beckon a return in the Spring! I can only begin to imagine the fragrance those flowers will offer! - added by Margie

They are ready! - added by Wanderer

Along the Road - added by Wanderer

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! - added by Wanderer

Ready for Lunch - added by Wanderer

A Bridge Too Far! (Crosses OK Slip Brook on the way to the top of the falls on the other side of the gorge) - added by Wanderer

View from across the gorge - appears closer than it is. - added by Wanderer

On the Way Out - added by Wanderer

Trailside Pond - added by Wanderer

Thanks to Tom, Don, Linda & Peter, Lenore & Jack, Bill, Claire, Barbara, Liz, Jim R, Ray Bouchard, Katie, Fran, Margie, Sam, Karen Burka, Joanne, Susan, and Dale for making this day a very special one with our first visit to OK Slip Falls.

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