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A-Team Hike to Rattlesnake Cobble ~ Oct 27, 2017

Journal entry by Don McMahon

Much better day than Thursday, sunny and with fall colors still close to peak. Participants were Dale, Bonnie, Jim I, Dennis, and Don (Tom had a last minute obligation!). We started at Smith street, climbed the long stairs to the walkway over the Northway, and then began the long more or less straight trail up to the Prospect Mountain Highway - more rocky, steeper and longer than I remembered - about 550 ft elevation! Then a pleasant horizontal walk south along the Highway to the Cobble parking lot. Even from the parking lot there was a scenic view of north Lake George. We paused and climbed a rock outcroping to get a better view. Energized, we scampered up the remaining 250 ft to the summit using the trail that started at the inner end of the scenic parking lot. The Cobble summit had obstructed views of Lake George Village but some ledges with good views to the south, so we lunched leisurely there, just enjoying the good day the good company and being glad to be there. After lunch we returned to the highway and walked past the trail junction to another highway viewpoint that offered a gorgeous unobstructed view of Lake George from the village to the north end. Finally after a leisurely stay to enjoy the view, we returned down the trail to the car, feeling that we had taken advantage of perhaps the last super fall color day.

10/29/17 - Bonnie Whitman added 2 photos.

6 photos

Dale & Bonnie on the last scamper to the Cobble summit

View south from Cobble summit

North highway viewpoint of Lake George

View from Cobble parking lot - most tourists don't go farther!

Just the beginning of a beautiful day on the trail. - added by Bonnie

Jim enjoying the view.. - added by Bonnie

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