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Berlin Mountain Hike ~ Nov 15, 2018

Journal entry by Shelly Nevard

It was the first winter hike on microspikes even though it was a month before the start of winter and it wasn’t even in the Adirondacks. The temperature in the parking lot was 24 degrees. I promised the first half mile would warm us up. There is a good climb in the beginning as we actually start climbing Raimer Mountain. The fallen leaves were covered with an inch of crusty snow and the usually wet trail was mostly frozen. Through the trees we had views of the surrounding hills. We started to shed layers as we went up. Then we dropped down and climbed some more. Off in the distance we could see our destination. When we arrived at the top we had views of Mount Greylock in Massachusetts and we picked out other peaks to the east. There was also a string of wind turbines in view. The summit was a little exposed so we lunched in the shelter of a grove of pine trees. When we were sufficiently chilled we packed up and started down.

11/22/18 - Wanderer . added 13 photos.

15 photos

Here we all are on this Winter Autumn hike!

A map of the ski area which once operated in the location we hiked.

The trail became steep quickly - added by Wanderer

Everyone was happy to arrive at a flat spot for a breather - added by Wanderer

Our destination – Berlin Mtn. – still quite a distance away …. - added by Wanderer

…. but we eventually made it! - added by Wanderer

Part of the lunch group sheltered in our private dining grotto L to R - Leon, Karen, Jill, Kurt, Mike - added by Wanderer

More of the lunch group – Shelly isn’t mad – I just caught her eating some candy at the moment - added by Wanderer

Lynn and Margie - added by Wanderer

Linda (birthday girl) ignoring me and Diane smiling! - added by Wanderer

Fran bundled up – enjoying her cup of tea - added by Wanderer

Always ready for a group picture! - added by Wanderer

The gauntlet! - added by Wanderer

Kurt and Dan trudging along with the rest of the group following - added by Wanderer

Kurt providing group instruction for skiing 101 – the tuck position! - added by Wanderer

Attendees:  Diane & Kurt, Scott, Jan & Jim, Margie, Joani & Dean, Fran, Linda & Peter, Lynn, Karen & Leon, Dan, Jill & Mike, Bob A, Barbara & Rich, Shelly

For those of you who would like to learn more about the prior Petersburgh Ski and the Berlin Mtn. area Margie suggests that you visit these two links:

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